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The Race

WHAT:           Karera Lakas Pilipinas – Tibay ng Marino; Lakas ng Pilipino
WHEN:           August 27, 2013
WHERE:        PMC Training Camp, Cavite de Boracay, Ternate, Cavite

WARNING:  This race is for the hard-core and physically fit runners only.  Or those with the mindset of such like Cheapanggang Diva?  Well you will not know unless you try.

If trail running is hard as it is.  If obstacle course is hard as it is.  Try to combine the two and you will have an idea on how hard this race is going to be.  Not for the faint of heart, Karera Lakas Pilipinas promises to be the “King of Multisport” in the country.  If in the US they have the Spartan Race and Europe has Tough Mudders, the men and women behind this race ensure participants that this will be our country’s answer to both tough international races.  All the obstacles will be military grade in construction and degree of difficulty.  The location itself is the very playground of the Philippine Marine Corps.  The commando-like training that they undergo to be full-pledge military assault personnel will be employed here to a T.  So if you want to test your physical strenght and conditioning vis-a-vis the military standard, this is the race for you.

 The Registration

 On Line Registration at Lakas Pilipinas Tibay Marino website.


The Race Prep Handbook which will be given in the Race Packet contains all the information you need to know in preparing for this hardcore race including among others:

  1. Race Information/Race Categories
  2. Race Rules and Regulations
  3. The Obstacles/Event Map
  4. Safety
  5. Race Participants Checklist/Reminders
  6. Race Reminders/Rewards and Prizes
  7. The Free Workout Session
  8. Finish line Checklist

Shuttle Service

Pick-up time will be 5 a.m. sharp at the Philippine Navy Headquarters, Roxas Boulevard, Manila on a first come, first served basis depending on the availability of shuttle seats.

Departure from the race venue will be at 3 p.m.

The Route Map


The Perks

Aside from the bragging rights of having conquered the Philippine Marine Corps intensive physical training obstacles at the very exclusive playground where they do them, many attractive plus factors are also offered:

  1. Free training and access of the Phil. Marine Corps Fitness Park at Fort Bonifacio, Taguig for 10 days to better prepare you of the very intensive obstacles come race day.cdiva04 cdiva14
  2. Experience riding in the M35 marine transportation vehicle which will fetch and deliver participants at a designated pick-up point.300px-M35
  3. The race event itself will be held in a very exclusive and remote paradise accessible only to the marines while they train in the very obstacles which will be used in the race.IMG-20130117-01722
  4. A marines finisher’s shirt.
  5. Loot bag and discount coupons from participating sponsors.
  6. A dogtag finisher’s medal which can be worn at all times, not like the medals.
  7. Beach Party!  The event will have a beach finishline at Cavite de Boracay, a secluded paradise amidst the rough terrain where the trail/obstacle run will be held.
Cavite de Boracay, paradise!


The Commando Style Obstacles

Promised to be the “King of MultiSport” with the most challenging 5K course ever in Philippine run race history, Karera Lakas Pilipinas employs many obstacles done in military training standard.  In fact this is to be held where our very own elite marines train – at Ternate, Cavite.  Here is the complete list of the expected obstacles as taken from the race prep handbook given to all participants (and see why what we did in press launch is but kid’s play):

Obstacle 1:    The Tunnel – Runners must climb up and down to get inside the tunnel.


Obstacle 2:    300m Boulder Maze – Runners must walk through the natural rock formation course with caution.

IMG-20130117-01733 IMG-20130117-01750

Obstacle 3:    Low Crawl – Runners must crawl or wiggle on their bellies to move forward under the wire (not your regular wire but barbed wire!) to the end of the obstacle.  If that is not tricky enough, the surface is filled with sand and sawdust making forward movement much harder thereby adding more challenge!


Obstacle 4:    The Maze – Posts are set in the ground at irregular intervals where participants must weave through spaces in between.  These are so narrow that even soldiers must find their way carefully through them.

Obstacle 5:    Tunnels – Concrete culverts 900mm in diameter and 10m in length where runners must crawl through.

Obstacle 6:    The Walls – The walls must be approached by jumping and grasping the top to pull oneself over and down to the other side.  They are 1.2m and 2.4m high.

Obstacle 7:    Balancing Logs – Participants must walk or run through the length logs and try to keep their balance to reach the other end.

Obstacle 8:    Tough Nut – Logs in “X” formation are placed so that runners must step over them in order to reach the end of this obstacle.

Obstacle 9:    Belly Buster – A free rotating log is placed perpendicular to the route and it must be overcome by vaulting, jumping or climbing over this precarious hurdle.  Take note once more, it is not stationary!


Obstacle 10:  Pendulum Tires – Truck and car tires are alternately hung from a structure and runners must pass through them.

Obstacle 11:  The Weaver – Participants must weave their bodies under and over parallel bars to reach the other side.

Obstacle 12:  Reverse Climb – Instead of climbing up, one must go up then bring oneself down the reverse incline.


Obstacle 13:  Baby Crawl – Runners must balance themselves on a double rope, pulling themselves with their arms to progress through the course.


Obstacle 14:  Commando Crawl – Participants must balance themselves on a single rope hung 10 feet above the ground using a commando position to pull themselves to the other side.  This is very difficult and those faint of heart will have a hard time overcoming this.  Believe me I mustered all excuses there is just to pass this one off without actually doing it during my ROTC days.

IMG-20130117-01803 IMG-20130117-01779

Obstacle 15:  Rope Bridge – Runners must balance themselves in an upright position using the two parallel ropes as bridge to walk past the course.


Obstacle 16:  Cargo Net – Participants must climb the net and down the other side.


Obstacle 17:  Gorilla Bars – The obstacle is negotiated by grasping a bar, throwing one’s body forward to be able to reach the next bar with the free hand until the length of this obstacle is reached.

Obstacle 18:  Inclining Wall – Runners approach the underside of the wall, jump up and grasp the top and pull themselves up and over.  They slide or jump down the incline to the ground.

Obstacle 19:  Mud Pit – Wade, walk, crawl or whathaveyou in order to navigate this mud pit.


Obstacle 20:  River Traverse – The presence of natural obstacles make this race much more exciting than just man-made ones.  Runners will come across a river that they must traverse in order to reach the coast of the Force Recon Cove and climb a steep uphill towards the road.


Obstacle 21:  Low Rail – Participants must move forward under a low rail on their bellies which its height permits.

Failure to perform the said obstacles will earn one a penalty of 5 minutes.

The Beneficiaries

The beneficiaries include the WOUNDED WARRIOR’S RECOVERY and REINTEGRATION PROGRAM of the PMC, “a program that gives hope and future to the unsung heroes; the battle casualty marines,” and the rehabilitation of the Warrior’s Grill Obstacle Course, the training ground of the Philippine Marine Corps in MARINE BASE GREGORIO LIM, Ternate Cavite.