Last Saturday, July 13 at the very grounds of Philippine Marine Corps at PMC Marine Barracks Rurdiardo Brown, Fort Bonifacio, Taguig, Cheapanggang Diva got to taste in “bite sizes” what obstacles are in store at Karera Lakas Pilipinas.  I say bite sizes since the real deal is made up of 20 obstacles in a 5K course which makes it 4 obstacles per 1K distance!  In fact what we did together with the rest of the runners/bloggers and some print and TV press is considered kid’s play comparatively.

In the 2K run that we did, we passed by balance beam, jump hurdles, zigzag maze, straw web and low crawl.  At the finish line, our order of finishing was taken and times given right after.  I finished second!   I specially love the dynamic stretching led by 3 buff marine personnel that we did at the start which was up to Fabulous Running Divas standard – with a pop upbeat music ala aerobics accompaniment!

The program involves a touching talk by Col. Stephen Cabanlet giving us a glimpse on how dear the marines is to him and how he dedicates this race project for its improvement. The beneficiaries include the WOUNDED WARRIOR’S RECOVERY and REINTEGRATION PROGRAM of the PMC, “a program that gives hope and future to the unsung heroes; the battle casualty marines,” and the rehabilitation of the Warrior’s Grill Obstacle Course, the training ground of the Philippine Marine Corps in MARINE BASE GREGORIO LIM, Ternate Cavite. We were also provided a bird’s eye view of the course by the race director herself, Xhi Tabalan.  A marine band played and sang live while a breakfast was served after our challenging obstacle run.


Running Diva doing the crawl!

cdiva31The race director Xhi herself doing the mini obstacle course.


Thirdy finishing the tire obstacle.


Col. Stephen Cabanlet delivering an emotional overview of the race and his love and dedication for the marines.


The colonel being intervied by the media.





Cheapangga with Madam Rissa Falvo and Col. Cabanlet