Takbo-Sabado, sa CCP!
Every Saturday from June 8 – July 6, 2013
5:30-8:00 A.M.
CCP star City area, in front of Manila Broadcasting Company


Two more training weekends to go!  Avail now of this wonderful opportunity to learn golden inputs on proper running technique, strengthening exercises, information on proper hydration and nutrition, among others from two of the country’s leading coaches, Coach Michelle Estuar and Coach Titus Salazar!

When I first started running, I was at the dark as to how to start properly into this physical activity so new to me.  Luckily, the running boom brought about interest by many sporting companies who would like to have a share of it.  One of the means by which they can interact with their market, us runners, is to provide running clinics for free.  So I readily jumped into this opportunity.  Not only have these clinics helped me in my running technique to be able to run far, fast and strong, they likewise afforded me the opportunity to interact with other newbies the result of which is a lasting friendship. That in itself is invaluable.

FITTER, FASTER, FARTHER!  This is the working credo by which this clinic promises to build runners by attending this series of clinics held every Saturday starting June 8 until July 6 (five succeeding Saturdays), at CCP star City area, in front of Manila Broadcasting Company.  All for FREE!  Each Saturday a specific topic will be tackled and some running and exercise drills following.

This event is held in cooperation with various entities, running or otherwise, like MBC, DZRH, Skechers Phils., FUNd-Racing Team, Run4Change, Team Titans, Triton Team, among others.

FOR QUERIES: CONTACT (02) 8326166 OR (02)7326117, look for CY CUPINO or ALY NARVAEZ.