World Vision Run 2013


World Vision, a Christian organization with the advocacy of helping children and their families, as well as the immediate community, uplift their conditions in life through various relief efforts, will once again hold World Vision Run 2013 on June 23, Sunday at BGC.  This is one of its projects for this year which hopes to source funds and pledges, as well as to spread the missionary impetus they are encouraging from each Filipino runners.

I personally encourage fellow runners to stand up and take the cudgels of alleviating injustice and poverty through the simple action of registering to this event.  Each child deserves a dream and the possibility of achieving such.  This the World Vision makes sure becomes a reality one child at a time.  In fact here in our country, it has more than 100,000 children under its care from several cities and provinces.  Worldwide they number 4.1 million in 100 countries.

A good example is fellow runner and Team USB member, a prolific Running Photographer, Jojo Pauly who is a product of this commitment to humanity.  Nobody can ever foretell that despite the poverty and lack of financial resource, he grew up to become a productive member of society through World Vision.  A million more Jojos will have their own chances at success with our humble support.

Julito Pauly talking about the role World Vision played in making him the person he is today.
Julito Pauly talking about the role World Vision played in making him the person he is today.

Here are the ways by which we can do our share in helping our less fortunate children:

  1. Sponsoring a child amounting to P7,200 annually or P600 monthly where you will play a dynamic role in seeing him/her through life with proper education and proper care for a more nurturing environment.  Special correspondence will be assured between you and your sponsored child throughout this process thereby updating you with his/her development.  You and your child will be bonded for life.
  2. Register in World Vision Run for a fraction of a cost yet according you an invaluable contribution to lives of thousands of Filipino impoverished children.
  3. Both if you are indeed FABULOUS at heart.

Visit my blog article devoted solely on World Vision Run 2013.

So anybody who goes by “fabulousity” as the very by-word of his or her existence, of his or her running style, of his or her totality as a person, will gravitate towards that which is wholeheartedly true and real – a real and wholehearted RACE FOR A CAUSE and not just for mere propaganda of which I know many of.

For more details, please visit their web page at

Here are snippets of what went on during our promotional event held recently at Kabisera ng Dencio’s at BGC.

Pam Millora of World Vision taling passionately of the role her organization played in the lives of impoverished children of our country.
A benevolent Coach Rio who himself not only waived RunRio’s event directing fee but likewise sponsored 2 kids with his beauteous wifey Nicole.
The host with the most electrifying personality, Sir Boy aka The Running Host
Coach Rio with John Henri Morales of Sigue Corer and Community Ph blog
With the prolific blogger Franc Ramon

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