The kids always take a special part of the Run United Series of running events.  After all they will grow up to be future runners themselves when exposed to this form of activity.  At an early age, it is best to encourage kids to let go of their electronic devices they so get attached with and experience being kids!  That is running, galloping, tumbling and crawling with other kids and letting themselves free from the clutches of the virtual world.  Aside from being fun, they are much healthier as well.

The Celin 500 meter dash category for kids which is a constant part of this most prominent race in the country will once again provide an avenue for the tots to experience running like their parents while they join the longer distances.  More than running though, Celin will provide something special come June 2.  A huge inflatable obstacle course featuring a fun, fun, fun slide at the end will be a major attraction for the kids too!


Indeed, the dynamic Unilab Active Health and the Run Rio think tanks behind this massive event exhaust all avenues to making Run United 2 more interactive for all members of the family including the kids.  So instead of being left out at home or with a guardian in some other place away from the race site, they will feel much more involved in the activities of the older members of the family.

Here is the link to my article on Run United 2 2013 series.