With my personal coach for the day, no less than Coach Rio.
With my personal coach for the day, no less than Coach Rio.

How is it to spend a day with Coach Rio as your running coach?  Well consider the bloggers that went to the Run United 2 press event last April 14 as a very lucky bunch.  We literally had the most popular coach all to ourselves for most of the Sunday morning.  And what a heart pounding blast we had!

The venue for our event was the UP Acad Oval which was refreshingly foggy this early summer morning, a very welcome sight indeed given the heat and humidity around the metro.  Chocolate Kisses at the Bahay Alumni provided us with the venue for our conference which is to follow some intense work out with Coach Rio.

Singletss and caps for everybody!
Singletss and caps for everybody!

The registration started early at 5:30-6:30 a.m. and we were provided with a singlet and cap by ULAH upon doing so. The singlet came in a very refreshing color combination of yellow and turquoise.   We are to wear them while doing the running drills, semi lsd and speed circuit contest which almost all of us were encouraged to participate in.  I begged off from participating actively in them citing a fever which I nursed since the previous day after an equally intense trail test run.  I was not happy though to be relegated to being a spectator/photographer that day.

The interactive bloggers day started with several running drills conducted by Coach Rio.  After some demonstration of how to properly execute them, we were left to try them for a few meters in the oval and then back.  The boys were lined first then followed by the girls in a four column formation.  After several repetitions of different types of lunges, butt kicks, high knees, Russian soldier, kariokas, etc. the group is all huffing and puffing.  Several IMG_0648bee lines to the ice cold Gatorade sports drink, Enervon HP and Ion Energy drinks were created after every break in the drills.  All managed to alleviate the water, nutrition and salt loss by the bloggers who were caught unprepared for the very “active” activity planned for the day.

The afroman demonstrating the proper way to do the drills.

All were worked out to their limits in the drills but that is not to be the end of the session.  Following immediately is a two-lap run around the 2.1 km circle around the oblation route.  Some would already call it quits after one lap and decided to wait for the rest who managed to continue on.

Group run which followed the drills around the oblation grounds. Two loops for the more energized ones.

The next challenge is waiting laid out on the oval with the white board placed mid field with the words “beat me” and a time of 40:07 seconds written on it.  This piqued our interest and brought out the competitor in us, well in some that is.  The challenge actually involves doing 5 burpees before sprinting towards the marker at the other IMG_0675end where one is to do another set of 5.  Running back, one must make the cut-off time of 40:07 seconds set earlier by one of the emcees.  All of those who tried made it to the cut off but it was only the top three for both male and female contestants who got the prizes.

The challenge to us blogger! 3 top runners for both the men and women category were awarded with goodies from the sponsors.

What followed at the second floor of the Chocolate Kisses where our breakfast was served was the bloggers briefing on the facts and whathaveyous regarding the Run United 2.  The details on this can be had at their press kit which I released here.  Aside from the feature Afroman distance of 32K and the non-inclusion of 5K in this edition, just like in the first segment where the 3K was scrapped, all the other significant features that are stamps of Run United high standard races, are in place.  The route all mapped out around the MOA area with some adjustments made, minor they are though, just to avoid human and vehicular traffic.  This time around there will be no succeeding races held concurrently so no untoward crowding and sharing of route will be expected.  The finisher shirt and singlet size coordination was addressed and there will be no sizing discrepancy this time.  After all we would not call this the premier race if any kinks were not ironed out.

The Run United 2 bloggers class picture.
The Run United 2 bloggers class picture.

Let me share this wonderful sweaty Sunday morning with you in pictures.

Mam Nicole, the natural athlete that she is, is not to be outdone either!

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