Summer ushers in months of fun and frolic under the sun and Filinvest City, in its drive to inspire outdoor fun with its unique garden city concept in south metro, took advantage of this time to bring in several outdoor fun activities.

Carless Sundays for blogs

Carless Sundays

The concept of Carless Sundays appeals to me like a stroll along the beach.  Something which takes a lot of effort and planning to do but once done, you keep on thinking of doing it more often.  Here in the FTI, Taguig area where I usually do my daily running and/or biking being just a stone throw away from where I live, I wish every second and every minute of all days of the week is car less, or aptly, tricycle less!  The fumes and the smog each morning till almost 24 hours of extended suspension in the air almost always cause me some respiratory distress after a week or 2 of intensive workout.  Thus when the very dynamic and progressive think tanks of Filinvest City came up with this concept of closing a part of the road circling the area for trail and road runners and bikers (Corporate, Commerce, Parkway and Filivest Avenues) from 5 am till 10 am every Sunday, I was hats off in praises.  Such a marvelous concept needs be replicated in most areas of the urban jungle that Metro Manila is!  Hopefully the FTI area will follow suit.  Then little havens for road and trail trotters will be heavens indeed!

Running Clinics

In line with their vision of making Filinvest City the premier hub for dynamic activities in the south and taking advantage of the increasing running aficionados that propagate the area most especially every weekends, running clinics will likewise be held starting May 11.  When I started running I was clueless as to how to go about with this new physical activity, what programs I can follow to improve, the proper technique to run efficiently and injury free and most important of all, how I can meet other newbie runners!  Then I registered in a free running clinic and everything started from there.  All the fun running brought me and the friends I met through it, started with it.  Same will be true for the increasing number of those just taking the sport.  With the wonderful facilities and natural environment Filinvest City has, newbies, as well as hardcore ones, living in the south will be driven to it like me to good looking, buff guys!  Duh!

P.S. There will be a Trail Running Clinic to be spearheaded by The Starting Line on May 11.  This will be held at the Promenade Open Trails (trailhead area).  Learn the necessary techniques including preparation, proper form and correct posture in trail running which is fast becoming an “in” running event!  For limited slot only so make sure to make your reservation at 846-0278 (loc 7093) or visit their facebook page.

Carless Sundays + Free Run Clinic - E-Poster

Trailhead area of the Promenade Open Trails
Trailhead area of the Promenade Open Trails

XC Road Race

The trail with the difficulty classification mapping.
The trail with the difficulty classification mapping for beginners and enthusiasts alike.

Biking is another sport that has been growing side by side with running.  Why so?  Maybe the health explosion has everything to do with it and individual sport activities like running and biking are most accessible.  The former is number one in this aspect and biking, despite an initial setback of a couple of bike worth’ bucks, I believe runs second.  Many of us after all had learned to ride it some time or another while still in our youths.  After rehabilitating and extending the trail to 9 km with the help of the local biking community, Filinvest together with EXO (Executive Off-Road Racing Association) will hold a series of Cross Country trail races.  This is in cooperation with the Premier Group behind the Columbia brand and ROX.  After the trail test run, I think the off-road princess in me had been awakened.  I might trade my roadie to an XC!

Xterra Mud Run

I am personally most excited with the centerpiece summer event which will happen May 26.  Filinvest City will pose as the most likely host for the up and coming off-road events which are in need of much accessible venues for most Metro Manilans who comprise the bulk of participants.  It will provide as an alternative to the usual locations of Nuvali in Laguna and the boondocks of Rizal province.  Xterra, the brand that places off-road into the forefront of international race competitions, will once again bring another unique race which will tickle the fancy of road runners looking for more!  The Xterra Mud Run will happen May 26 at this very place that will inspire outdoor fun right in the heart of the metro – Filinvest City.  With Matteo Guidicelli as the image model, I am sold!  No further questions asked.

xterra mud run