I have to start somewhere.  If I am to be a tri-ying hard diva, I need to do at the very least a sprint triathlon.  But on the other end, I am cheapangga!  I don’t have the budget to enroll myself in triathlon programs of top caliber coaches.  I know how to swim, yes, and I know how to ride a bike, yes, but why hesitate?  I am cheapangga that is! Duh!


My prayers must have been heard by the collective powers that be that SwimBikeRun.ph, a major force in the local triathlon scene, organized for the very first time a series of events (aquathlon/duathlon/triathlon) in stages that are months apart, very affordable as well as newbie friendly, geared towards guiding a trying hard triathlete wannabes like me to reach their eventual triathlon dream.  This is the SwimBikeRun Tri Series 2013.




Closing my eyes in partial disbelief and excitement all at the same time, I went to their online registration site and pushed the register button for their duathlon leg.  The first one of the series is actually the aquathlon which will happen in March.  I have barely a month to reestablish a swim base and the date is in conflict with a major run event, I begged off.  The du is doable though so I made it a go!  My bike is not so fabulous as it is but I am positive I can upgrade at least the frame to suit my height before the event.


Detailed info can be had at the SwimBikeRun’s web page here: http://www.swimbikerun.ph/2012/12/swimbikerun-ph-tri-series-2013-aquathlon-duathlon-triathlon/


In fact, they explained the event quite well that I just have to quote them verbatim:

The SBR.ph Tri Series is a 3 stage multisport series designed to be easy enough for newbies yet challenging enough even for the seasoned triathlete.  It is the first ever race series organized by SWIMBIKERUN.ph and will surely be the first in the Philippines in a lot of other things!

“Slowly but surely”. We made the series a 3 stage event because we want everyone to experience the whole multisport journey. Multisport is not just about triathlon. It also has other events like the aquathlon and the duathlon which are also challenging events in their own right.

I now truly believe that if you want to level up be it in running or triathlon, all you have to do is register.  Spend an amount even before training for such and I am very much sure there is no other way but for you to muster time and energy to train for it with no delay.  After all money was already spent!  Did I say no delay?  Well, for most that is and not necessarily for me because as of this time, I am already delayed by a whole week!


The quest to become a fabulous duathlete in the article to follow!