Year in and year out, the Run United Series of running events have been bringing the Philippine scene lots and lots of innovations putting the standard at par with those abroad.  Thousands and thousands of able bodied Filipinos are awaiting it’s staging for another unique and quality experience only Run Rio and the Unilab Active Health partnership can bring.

This year, the same as in previous years, another milestone will be set.  In fact, the innovation will come not only in one but four aspects!

1.  Recalibration of race distances offered in each staging.  As Alex Panlilio, Head of Unilab Active Health discloses, “We noticed a trend during the previous years’ races that the slots for longer distances get filled up faster.  There were instances when we had to open up more slots.  So, by focusing on longer distances, we will be able to accommodate more runners.”  It is in this line of thought that with the maturity of the local running scene comes an avenue that would not only cater but challenge such leveling up.  Thus the 3K races will be a thing of the past as the Run United is concerned and slots allotted to it will be transferred to longer distances.  In fact in its second and third installations, the 5K distance will also be scrapped.  The 500m for kids will be a staple in all stages though as this is a great beginning for our young athletes.


2.  High tech design and materials used in singlets and finishers’ shirts.  Singlets and finishers shirts are one of the main attractions of races nowadays, if not the main attraction themselves!  Thus Run United poured their resources in sourcing for better sweat absorbing and wicking materials available and incorporating them strategically in technically proficient design specially made for runners.  The result will be a more comfortable and less abrasive singlet/shirt rivaling those branded ones.



3.  The medals were upgraded in design and material as well.  If last year’s designs were innovative and fabulous as they are, watch out for the new ones which are now polygonal in design and made with a thicker material!  Another come on and collector’s item for each runner is the medal which signifies the hardships and the struggles he/she has had to bear to finish a race.  It is a symbol of a victorious crossing of the finish line which he/she can forever cherish.  Run United values such importance of a medal and likewise makes innovations for it not only to look and feel better but be long lasting as a memorabilia should be.




4.  Loot bags galore!  I know many will react negatively to the importance other runners give to loot bags.  But still a lot cherish their inclusion in each race like a child opening presents after a good performance.  So if a hundred out of a thousand of runners want them, Run United will provide them, and more!  One will find more useful products in ones bag of goodies which are all needed by an active body like ours!  So what more can one ask for!


One might be tempted to think that with these marvelous and fabulous upgrades would mean a tantamount increase in registration fees as what is in vogue among many races nowadays!  No, no, no my dear, registration fees stay as is!  Hurray for this!


Registration Centers


Online registration is now open.  Click this link to register.



This year though there will be no more hassle of transporting bags in baggage counter to and fro BGC and MOA.  The logistical nightmares will also be a thing of the past as the route, even for longer distances, will be confined to the MOA area.  Some will find this one a downgrade but for all the complexities it brings, traffic management, logistics, parking, transportation and all, I would better see the resources used to exhaust this set up be concentrated in covering other areas that would equally satisfy the runners aside from the mere admiration of the route.  Let’s see how this one goes via-a-vis the above mentioned upgrades.

21K Route

10K Route

5K Route

500m route