It was a wonderful and unique experience once again for the fabulous running divas recently at the Midnight Run. It was held at the White Plains vicinity starting midnight of October 31.  What a fabulous way to jumpstart Halloween festivities with running friends and friends to be in their most horrifying and imaginative costumes.

The fab divas got together much earlier to prepare for our various assignments as race volunteers.  Jollibee Guadalupe is fast becoming our fave meet-up place.  Since most of us came straight from work, we converge there at around 6.  After some time filling ourselves up with once-piece chicken meals and such, me made it to the race area with just enough time to rehearse for our part later before the gun start and, on my part, monsterify some volunteers’ faces.

Turning Greeneyes into a zombie!

As a make-up artist, I thought it would be a walk in the park to do Halloween make-up.  But I was wrong.  All throughout the process, I was constantly at war with my “beautician” instinct nurtured by more than a decade in the job.  I have a tendency to “glamify” rather than horrify.  In the end, though, I believe I performed a good enough job for a starter – an amalgam of ugliness and beauty.  I call them my glam witches/beasts.

Glam witches!

A few minutes before midnight and after creating the last of my “monsters”, we proceeded to the start/finish area where the performance of our life is to take place.  We were given the very, very daunting task of all – that of leading the warm-up exercise of runners!  As diva runners, naturally, it should be done in a diva way!


Fighting nerve and the fear of being a total comedy show on stage, we proceeded to our places in the stage in front of hundreds of amused runners in an assortment of the most wonderful of costumes there is.  From Ironman, batman, boy pick-up, Mario brothers, etc. to a diverse rendition of horrendous looking creature human imagination can concoct like zombies, manananggals, and even “taong grasa” done in a realistic manner (I even did a second take just to make sure he is just in costume!), you name it Midnight Run got it.  But the festivity of the occasion made it much easier for us.

After some nervous and stuttering introduction of the group, we proceeded with our own fabulous diva rendition of a warm-up exercise – to the tune of “Gangnam Style”.  Following our lead, the runners tried their very best to execute some routine exercises as well as swayed and pony danced to this popular tune.  As far as memory can recall, this is the first time it was done this way – the fab diva way!

Warm-up ala Gangnam Style!

So far on my part I have already covered my two assignments (making Halloween faces and leading the warm-up exercises).  But the divas are not yet done.  Before the race starts, we need to put on our horrifying masks and costumes and proceed to our place of assignment in the route – the cemetery.  After basking in the spotlight and taking our 5 minutes worth of fame, we need to work our horrible best scaring and posing as hurdles to the runners passing by our area before the horror room area where they need to enter before reaching the finish line.  Both of these are unique features of this race.


From divas to monsters!