I love loot bags!  Be they full, half full or mind you even empty ones.  Though naturally I would be happiest with fully loaded, heavy ones that can dislocate my shoulders, lighter, almost paper thin ones are whole heartedly appreciated.  It’s the thought that counts after all.  There was a point when I almost love them more than the race itself!  So nobody can blame me if I feel incomplete and dejected like a scorned lover going home empty handed from races I have dedicated a few hard-earned bucks.


Among the multitude of products being promoted from medicines and vitamins, magazines, food and food supplements, fruit juices and energy drinks and gels to toiletries like deodorants, sunblock, shampoos and even sanitary washes, there are but a few gems out of mediocrity (or at least for my taste).  They keep me interested enough to buy one each time a sample runs out (or hope that another one comes with an upcoming loot bag).  Even sponsor booths in the activity area offering my favorite products as raffle prizes or give away are not spared no matter how long the files before them.


The very first loot treasure I will cite and which I make sure I have a constant supply at home, bought or not, is Enervon HP.  This chocolate drink comes with all the necessary nourishment like vitamins and minerals essential to a healthy active body like ours runners, the reason why I take a warm cup every night before sleeping.  Energy boosters like the B and D vitamins to keep our body running despite the intense training or race, so I take another warm cup an hour before each race.  The most essential component for me is the protein content necessary to repair muscle wear and tear and calcium for stronger bones making this my go-to glycogen replenishment drink within 20 minutes after crossing the finish line.  My choice is naturally ice-cold in this instance.


A full powered energy chocolate drink runners would love to drinks after each race.

Multivitamins plus minerals and food supplements in capsule form abound loot bags most especially those sponsored by medicine manufacturing companies.  Of this handful of aluminum packs, I have come to single out two.  They are Rogin-E and Alaxan FR.  The former for the energy boosting components like Royal jelly and Korean ginseng and skin health enhancing vitamin E thrown in the mixture of body building amino acids and minerals.  The very reason why I would muscle my way to their product booths present in many races just to be able to participate in the mind game of listing the most items out of a given category they hold. (In fact, I have mastered the technique of winning this game.)  The winner is able to pick a prize including a bottle of 30’s!  The latter I love for abating arthritic aches and pains as well as its anti-inflammatory action mostly appreciated after a long race of half or full marathon .  This is the most popular pain reliever brand choice of most runners, the very medicine that makes possible the ablity to work the day after.


My vitamin of choice.

The most popular pain reliever for runners.