Fab or Not; Which Runner Are You?

My fascination for running is not limited to the physical challenge it offers and the resilience of the runner’s spirit to respond accordingly.  Another aspect of running that piques my interest involves the shallower side that is more visual than profound – the running outfit.

I don’t consider myself a very particular person fashion wise; neither am I sloppy.  I like to dress comfortably for the rigor of a sport activity like running, but comfortably fashionable that is.  But trying to dress oneself from head to foot with cool outfit from major brands that specializes in providing top of the line, technical running wear can be quite expensive for a rank-and-file earner like me.  Thus a lot of times cool running fashion is, for me, more of wishful thinking than reality.  This does not stop me though from spying, criticizing and admiring other runners’ diverse outfits ranging from sloppy to cool, gaudy to streamlined and outré to fantabulous!

I have divided runners and their signature wear into these categories:

    1. The Wako Kebs – This is the kind of look where the runner uses what is readily available in their closet – the comfy cotton shirt and shorts.  The familiarity is like a comfort food and the look is very versatile in a sense that this can be used as stay-at-home get up, gardening and buying-suka-in-the-suking-tindahanwear.

      Wa ko kebs kung running o basketball basta mapawisan ako noh!
    2. The Carry Natori– With the Wakokebs , they comprise the bulk of the fun runners.  This is because you need not spend a fortune in this kind of wear.  They wear the standard issue singlet that they have paid for in their registration fee and regular running shorts with no prestigious name tag attached.  Their running mantra is that they came to run and have fun and go home; no frills no anything, just fun running.

      Photo Credit : Hendrick Or of Running Photographers
    3. The Brande Dako– This look can be very deceiving.  It looks very simple consisting of what you would expect the regular runners to use:  shirts (either sleeved or singlet) and shorts (ranging from almost-elite-runner-short shorts to cycling types).  Take note though this very simple look can be very expensive if you happen to see that swoosh symbol or the three stripes somewhere conspicuous yet daintily printed.

      Photo credit: Running Photographers
    4. The Burl Loloid– A little something is sometimes added to the getup like compression socks and/or sleeves, a cap or visor with shades, hydration and/or race belt, and certain gadgets like iPods, mp3 players, and gps/pedometers usually in an armband complete this look.  The techie runners fall under this category.

      Ok Ok runner Annaly Alojado in running wear accessorized with hydration belt, cap and iPod arm strap. A great pose adds to the total look!
    5. The Eli Tista – I don’t mean those coming from exclusive subdivisions in McKinley Road but runners who have been pounding the streets for the longest time and have been into rigorous training before mortals realized their respective bodies are made for running – the elite runners. They wear the most minimal and the most efficient running outfit of all.  Foremost in their purpose in achieving is speed and comfort. Usually this consists of very skimpy split type shorts (in local running lingo – nyort nyorts) and singlet, nothing more and, I believe,  no lesser can it go.
    6. The Team Players– The ones very loyal to their running groups that they don’t forget to represent and promote them by wearing team uniforms during races.
      Proud Team Titan!
      Photo Credit : Yongsky of Running Photographers

      Pinoy Fitness all the way!