RUPM is going to be a fabulous marathon this weekend!  “So what’s new?  Isn’t it a given with Run United Races?”  You would ask.  I know for a fact that time and time again this great team of RunRio and United Laboratories Active Health has proven to be trailblazers in organizing one of a kind and exciting family-oriented running events year in and year out.

But this time they will once again outdo themselves in coming out with fabulous concepts to update what is already a great race as it is.  All of these will definitely make the upcoming RunUnited Philippine Marathon with a stamp of being Filipino and world-class in stature!

Recently I have been into triathlon.  Well, mostly in my mind that is!  So I was watching everything about it  on the internet and over the tv.  Even those youtube ones that run for a matter of seconds, mind you.  With the just concluded Ironman World Championship and the ITU Triathlon World Championship, I sure did have a handful of video materials.

What caught my attention were the festive atmosphere and a very jubilant crowd gathering by and a few meters before the finish line.  There were tube balloons, cowbells, confetti, flags, and whathaveyous that can be used to create this vibrant cheering set-up.  I thought to myself, why not recreate this kind of atmosphere in our local marathon races where a runner almost too tired and weary to continue on would greatly appreciate this and would no doubt need this energy booster.

A sample of a great finish line crowd that RUPM would like to replicate.

I myself was privy to this experience during my very first marathon at The Bullrunner Dream Marathon 2012.  Two kilometers or so before the finish line, Coach Mherlz Lumagbas is encouraging me to at least walk and move on just a step further but my body simply won’t cooperate.  It wants to stop right there and then and call it quits.  Through my beloved coach’s prodding though, I miraculously managed to do so.  A few meters before the finish line, I saw running friends and strangers all gathered along by the sides shouting, cheering, jubilating.  A jolt of renewed energy electrified my body and I saw myself flying, soaring and crying using this borrowed strength as I cut the tape proclaiming me as a true blue marathoner.

My TBR DM finishline experience

I have digressed a little bit but I just have to relive such wonderful experience every time.  At this recently held Pre-event Bloggers’ Night Conference at the cozy Anabel’s Restaurant at 198 Tomas Morato-Scout Delgado Streets, Quezon City, such wishful thinking of mine of a bleacher full of cheering audience before the finish line is going to be made a reality this Sunday at the Run United Philippine Marathon by the men and women behind this event including Coach Rio dela Cruz himself.  And as they have proven each time, I am very confident that they will deliver.

At the Pre-event Bloggers’ Conference held at Anabel’s Restaurant

A line of tents will be provided a few meters before the finish line where family and friends can gather as they excitedly await their beloved marathoner. These very people that matters the most to every runner can all line up and give their all-out support and let their love be felt in this area.  Cowbells will likewise line this area to provide the needed festive signal to each runner through their pealing which can be heard a few meters away that the anticipated finish line is but a few meters to go.  Together with flag lets given each participant to wave as a show of pride and strength in being Filipinos.  Each finisher will indeed feel like a superstar as if representing the country in the olympics!

Flag lets to be provided to the marathoners
Sample of cowbell to be used for added festivity

Not only that!  Oh well I really couldn’t ask for more this time.  What better thing to make runners feel like I said “superstars” than a Red Carpet welcome?  Roll the red carpet then to complete the total package!  Can anyone ask for more royal treatment than this?  This is the fittest finish line for a Fabulous Runnig Diva!

An great example of a red carpet at the finish line

As they say, brilliant minds all converge in one single plane of thought.  Hehehe…. Just another wishful thinking that is.  But what is important is that in a runner’s point of view, whatever improvement I was just thinking of and many others I am sure, the Run United Group of great thinkers and movers make them a reality. And not just a mere application of an idea, but a brilliant, family-oriented and uniquely Filipino version of one!  What can be more fabulous than that?  Well, I am sure they will manage to come up with one next edition.  As they are wont to do!

Festive, royal, vivacious, fabulous! That’s what RUPM is going to be!