This is another start in my story book full of beginnings and no endings. In short, ako yung taong hindi matapos tapos yung mga sinimulan!  But that’s the way life had been for me throughout my nearly four decades of existence.  Now I can correctly surmise your thoughts in a few words, “ano na naman ngayon?”.


Well it’s just that ever since I started running barely two years ago (well as another new thing to do that is),  I have been attracted to those wearing tri suits during races. Not only do they look tanned and strong, they look coordinated and unique as well!  Add to this look are the long socks (compression socks, I came to know later) coming up to their knees which are awesome and refreshing back then.  Unique for me after all means fabulous (as long as their uniqueness suit my taste)! I likewise love the look of a singlet going with matching cycling shorts design as mostly runners wear the race’s official singlet and some running shorts usually of a different color.  Blah!  Some may find this dorky running road races in tri suits but for me it’s exciting an outfit enough to pique my interest.


The tri suit I am talking about. And it is not a coincidence that she happens to be my idol, the 2012 Cobra Ironman 70.3 Phils winner, Caroline Steffen.


Call me shallow, but many things get me interested and excited about simply by the power of first impression. And that most often than not is superficial.  I am after all going after that which is fab and not necessarily functional!

So bear with my seeming “kababawan” as I tackle this new aspect of my active lifestyle.  Here I will chronicle every twist and turn as I come to realize my new found dream of becoming a triathlete.  That is if it’s even possible given my meager means and lack of resources whatsoever.  I am full aware of the expenses one will incur in this sport which many purist smirk upon.  I will have to figure such possibility of a cheapangang triying hard wannabe’s dream coming true as I cross that eventuality/non-eventuality.  I don’t care though for as long as I bask in the glam of a coordinated outfit and knee-length socks to go with it.  Kahit sa picture man lang siguro, hehehe….