I need to start somewhere with this lunacy. I have to attend talks and clinics to provide myself with some information on how to go about with this tri sport thing.  However, it is necessary that they should be free! Cheapanga ako noh! Walang budget para sa mga ganitong kadramahan!  What better avenue than the series of Multisport Magazine’s 101 Camp for tri newbies!

Multisport Magazine 101 Camp

This one held last August 25, 2012 at the A Venue Swimming Pool, Makati Avenue, Makati is already the fifth leg of a series of clinics.  Medyo humabol ang lola ninyo sa pagattend nito.  It was swim coach Anthony Lozada who gave us the rundown of various swim equipment and outfit necessary in order to enjoy swimming and benefit most from the various drills involved.  Aside from the basic need of a swim suit or trunks, goggles and cap, we were also introduced to swim paddles, fins, snorkel and lap board all by Arena.  They were specially designed to address the needs of swimmers like the specially designed lap board which becomes multitasking as well as ergonomic; and the fins which feature a cut design appropriate for the drills.

My first time to attend a swim clinic and my first time to use those aforementioned equipments.  Namangha ang lowla ninyo sa swim fins and how fast I swam using them kaya hayun nagcollide kami ng isang swimmer due to miscalculation. Feeling ko tuloy serena ako!  The clinic ended with me more comfortable with using these things as well as more informed of some drills done to hone ones swim technique.