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Cheapanggang Divalicious “Specialized Experience”     Specialized bikes have been frequently bringing professional cyclists, triathletes and mountain bikers on top of the podium in various prestigious races like Tour de France and Ironman across the globe.  As a spectator in these grueling competitions... Continue Reading →

Rock Star Carbohydrate Boost in a Humble Potato – Pre and Post Workout Food Idea

Rock Star Carbohydrate Boost in a Humble Potato – Pre and Post Workout Food Idea   Carbohydrates, despite the bad reputation they have gained from so-called nutrition gurus, are essential to sustaining the body’s energy. This importance is highlighted in... Continue Reading →

Sunshine Mall Lady Guard – Gender Assignment at Mall Entrance, Customer Choice or Your Choice?

I cannot sleep.  I am still bothered by a bad experience with the guards at a certain mall in ARCA South.  I was harassed and emotionally disturbed. But more than this, I am bothered that at this day and age,... Continue Reading →

How to Innovate and Earn Millions at Home via Digital Marketing, E-Commerce and Blockchain (DEBC 2018)

Digital Marketing, E-Commerce, Cryptocurrency, and Blockchain Congress 2018 (DEBC 2018) – Teaching You How to Innovate and Earn Millions at Home     To Innovate is To Thrive Digital innovation is cruising at the speed of light that business and... Continue Reading →

My Foray Backstage of Wish Music Awards 2018

Cruising bored along the congested EDSA "low" way or some other major and likewise choked thoroughfares, you might catch a glimpse of this tangerine bus with equalizer bar design that doesn’t seem to mind the almost walking pace of vehicular... Continue Reading →

The Fabulous and Iconic Hello Kitty Run Manila 2017

  First and foremost let me remind my Gen X self that Hello Kitty is not a cat but a girl as based on the pronouncement of her creator, Sanrio.   Theme runs based on popular cartoon and comics characters... Continue Reading →

EasyGrocery – Like Having a Grocery Vendo Machine at Home!

EasyGrocery Android App   Convenience and time are becoming more valuable and cherished as we step into the era of “virtual reality”. Anything that can save us precious ticks of Father Time  we can otherwise spend with our family and... Continue Reading →

Nutrilite Double X – Triple Punch to Health, Wellness and Beauty

    Admit it, pushing the age barrier to lay credence to this Gen X battle cry of “40 being the new 30” and “50 being the new 40” requires more than meets the eye. Well, others have the good... Continue Reading →

Organique Acai Berry Premium Food – Can It Bring Back My Running Life?

      The power of anti-oxidants in ridding our system of free radicals known to throw our body’s cellular integrity off balance resulting in physical and mental deterioration is very promising that they are being hailed as the modern... Continue Reading →

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